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Peacefulbreeze76 Профилни подаци

Looking to See.........
Године 43 из East Hartford, Connecticut - На мрежи - пре 2 дан(а)
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I'm a low key down to earth guy. I have a very strong sense of faith (you should too), and try to live my life as best I can. Friendship and family are extremely important to me. Total transparency, I'm raising my 12 year old nephew. He's been living with me since he was 4.5/5 years old. If you're ok with that, then keep reading. I am a pretty shy and quiet guy until one gets to know me. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as my alone time as well without all of the stress and chaos. I'm happy at home reading a book or binge watching shows, having a good meal at a restaruant I've never been to, attending concert, or just randomly driving to a new town somewhere in New England. OR, just hanging out having a great cup of coffee. I'm not into the club or bar scene at all. From a religious perspective, I'm rediscovering myself in God I would say. So, I'm looking for a good church home to attend regular services at some point. In the meantime, I do attend on holidays. At this stage, I'm hoping to meet individuals that really want to take the time to get to know someone and build from there. I'm not sure what else to add right now. But if any of this sounds good, drop me a line. Thanks
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180 цм
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Да - код куће
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Нисам сигуран/сигурна
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Рибице, Остало
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Колико често читате Библију?  
Једном недељно
Да ли се молите у групама?  
Да ли се исповедате?  
Да ли сте се причестили?  
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Колико често очекујете од партнера да иде у цркву?  
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Факултет, али га нисам завршио/завршила
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Увек је мирно
Да - у друштву


У средњој школи био/била сам  
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Уздржан/уздржана, Стидљив(а), Посматрач, Дружељубив/дружељубива
Моја интересовања и хобији  
Религија/Духовност, Породица, Вечере, Читање, Учење, ТВ, Филмове, Волонтирање
Како замишљам провод  
Дружење с пријатељима, Волим да останем код куће, Биоскоп, Блеја, Читање, Казино, Концерт, Посета музеју
Мој савршен први састанак  
Meeting up over a good cup of coffee, or a quiet dinner somewhere to get to know one another.
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Идем у цркву  
На годишњем одмору
Мој животни циљ  
TO live my life as best I can. I'm getting "reacquainted" with my faith, and would like to find a good church home at some point. In the meantime, I'm also hoping to meet someone to get to know and build something with.
Мој смисао за хумор  
Паметан, Сиров/саркастичан, Дружељубив/дружељубива, Блесав/блесава, Урнебесан/слепстик


На ТВ-у увек гледам  
Вести, Документарце, Комедије ситуације/Ситкоме, ”Ријалити шоу” програме, Сапунице
Моје 3 омиљене емисије/серије  
Below Deck/Below Deck Med, Worst Cooks in America, Blown Away (On Netfilx)
У биоскопу увек гледам  
Комедије, Породица, Анимиране филмове, Хороре, Трилере
Моја 3 омиљена филма  
Philadelphia, The Color Purple, The Green Mile, yes a 4th The Notebook
Увек слушам  
Кантри, Рок, Сол, Госпел, Народна
Моја 3 омиљена музичара  
Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac, Pretty much anything 80's or 90's releated.
Увек читам  
Аутобиографије, Биографије, Пословне, Хороре, Политичке
Моје 3 омиљене књиге  
Anything by Stephen King or John Saul
Како замишљам добру забаву  
Spending time in Maine, walking through some of shops and having a great seafood dinner.


Шта Вас привлачи?  
Осећајност, Саосећајност, Брижљивост, Интелигенција
Шта тражите?  
Someone who is who they say they are (it all comes out in the end LOL). Someone who has a strong sense of family and faith. They are honest, trustworthy, and respectful.
Какву везу тражите?  
Пријатељ, Састанак, Посвећеност